About Our Library

That wonderful Cobalt spirit runs like a strengthening ribbon throughout the history of the   Cobalt Public Library - refusing to give in to the inadequacy of cramped quarters, the frustrations of a fluctuating Cobalt economy and the ravages of fire and flame. Thanks to the vision of early Town Councils, a tiny library was started in Cobalt's former Town Hall, now the Poly Met Resources Inc. In 1947 the Silver Leaf Group offered to take over the project because of the death of the incumbent librarian, Mr. C.P. Cross. They moved the books to an open section of the Community Hall verandah and from these meager quarters began to serve the public and learn the library system at the same time. Before long they were granted a closed-in section of the same verandah where the little library increased so greatly in popularity that it began to get beyond the scope of the Silver Leaf Group. Just at that time, March 24, 1955, the newly formed Cobalt Library Association Board, assisted by Mr. William Martin, Reeve of Coleman Township, was able to procure a small grant sufficient to enable the Silver Nugget Branch of the Women's Institute to assume responsibility for the library. The library now moved to the basement of the Herbert Block, facing the station, where devoted librarians developed and expanded it. "The Library" had become an integral part of Cobalt and area life, especially for the children.
      As a result, on April 7, 1961, Cobalt Council passed a by-law establishing a Public Library. It was located in two small rooms above the Post Office. Here the library thrived for ten years until it became obvious that larger, more suitable quarters were needed.
      In 1971, the Town transferred the Public Library to a newly renovated building at 32 Lang Street where it enjoyed the luxury of space, more shelving, excellent equipment and close regional affiliation. Then disaster struck. On Christmas Eve 1984, a fire destroyed everything - building, equipment, books, historical records. Within nine months Cobalters rallied. Debris had been cleared away, a new and innovative architectural design had been agreed upon and construction was underway on the beautiful, new building that would arise from the ashes of the old library. The new Public Library opened its doors to the public April 14, 1986, despite some incomplete areas and delayed equipment and furnishings. By mid August, 1986, the Library Board had purchased the two lots adjacent to the library building so that the surrounding area might be beautified.

The citizens of Cobalt and area officially open the new Public Library September 17,1986. It
stands as a tribute to a long line of dedicated librarians and to the indominatable spirit of Cobalters.